Contractors’ Choice: 6 Best Corded Hammer Drills

Be it for tough masonry or soft woodwork, hammer drills are equipped to cover different levels of torque and speed needed for these materials. If you’re a self-proclaimed handyman, you should at least have the best corded hammer drill on your roster of equipment. Unlike cordless ones, this type is powerful and can endure hours of continuous use.

Some hammer drills can have two or three modes: hammer drilling, hammer-only, and rotation-only. This allows you to adjust the treatment required for every surface. It’s like your drill wearing different hats.

Here, we’ve asked the contractor circle what drills they are currently using and what they found to be reliable.

1. Hilti TE50 Deluxe Combo Hammer

If you want to have the taste of the heavy-duty side, contractors say you can never go wrong with Hilti TE50 Deluxe Combo Hammer. True enough, what’s there to dislike? It boasts a 9.1 Amp power and a 1,050-watt motor that can drill to almost every surface you can think of when you’re doing contractor work. Aside from having high power, this can produce up to 550 RPM and 3,180 BPM so you can accomplish chiseling tasks aside from the usual drilling.

This has a 1-3/4” chuck that will only accommodate SDS-Max bits. It’s larger than the usual household tools but it has the most excellent power to weight ratio and an equally efficient cooling system.

The package comes with a cleaning cloth, Hilti grease, side handle, 13 feet of supply cord, and a durable plastic case.

2. SKIL 6445-04 1/2” 7.0 Amp Hammer Drill

I had said enough about this best corded hammer drill in the past posts but I’ll emphasize it even more. Contractors agree that SKIL 6445-04 Drill is one that can be at par with the heavyweight tools used for onsite jobs. Although small on the build, this has a powerful 7.0 Amp motor and a 1/2” keyed chuck perfect for woodwork and some cutting tasks.

Another good thing about this drill is its two-finger trigger that adds stability while in use. You can also utilize the lock-on feature if you’re into continuous drilling on a certain material. This works smoothly and you can go back and forth different speed settings without a glitch.

This SKIL drill works in a maximum of 3,000 RPM and will get the job done even on masonry. The only downside here is the short cord.

best corded hammer drill

3. DeWalt DWD525K 1/2” Hammer Drill

Every single contractor would likely use or owned a DeWalt in their lifetime. And if you’re also planning to follow their footsteps, consider the DeWalt DWD525K 1/2” Hammer Drill. This has a massive 10.0 Amp power that can produce a maximum of 3,500 RPM and 908 watts of power. The drill itself is designed with a mid-handle in case you have balance and stability issues.

The best part of this DeWalt equipment is you can switch between a hammer drill mode or a drill-only setting. That way, you have a wider option for power and drilling finishes that will work on almost all materials on the construction site.

If there’s one downside to this drill, it would be the lack of added accessories like bits etc. Anyway, you’re here for the drill so added accessories is a just a bonus.

4. Bosch RH328VC SDS Rotary Hammer Drill

Rotary hammers are indispensable tools for contractors who are working on big projects that include boring through-holes on thick concrete. This is why they recommend the Bosch RH328C SDS Rotary Hammer Drill. This best corded hammer drill has an unbeatable 8.0 Amp and can produce a maximum of 2.6 ft.lbs of impact power with its already lightweight 7.7-pound build.

You can use these in three modes: rotary hammer, rotation-only, and hammer-only. Such thing could be an all-arounder on your projects but make sure that you get the right bits as the chuck of this drill is 1-1/8”. Even if it’s a massive tool, there’s less vibration on its improved two-step mechanism.

On the package, you find the drill, a case, and a spare handle. Aside from the added equipment perks, this drill will also reduce the risk of silicosis that you may acquire from inhaling crystalline silica dust.

best corded hammer drill

5. Milwaukee 5380-21 9.0 Amp Hammer Drill

If you find the rotary hammer drill to intimidating to start your commercial projects, check out the Milwaukee 5380-21 9.0 Amp Hammer Drill. This has a powerful motor that can give you as much as 3,500 RPM that you can use on masonry, wood, and metal. You can also set this in either a hammer drill or rotation-only mode to finish a wide range of tasks.

This drill has a comfortable grip and it’s even designed with the two-finger trigger for utmost stability. There’s also an integral clutch to make torque adjustment fast and easy.

On the package, you’ll get the best corded hammer drill, side handle, chuck key, depth rod, a case, and an instruction manual. All these for less than 200 bucks.

6. Black & Decker DR670 Hammer Drill

B&D has been in the business long before other brands emerged. And to prove their quality over the years, they offered the Black & Decker DR670 Hammer Drill. This is a bit lightweight with a 6.0 Amp power that can produce up to 2,800 RPM but still functional on smaller contractor work.

This is made compact so you can work in confined spaces with less constraint and without the need to invest in a cordless model. This can work on concrete and wood so you’ll get the most out of its affordability.

The only downside to this is it won’t work well for lefties. Nevertheless, this is a good equipment.

The contractors had spoken and they picked the best corded hammer drill. It’s up to you to decide which one you’ll purchase for your work. If you have one in mind already, we’ll be glad to hear from you in the comment section. Sound us off!

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Contractors’ Choice: 6 Best Corded Hammer Drills

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