5 Best Cordless Hammer Drills For Your Convenience

Whether you’re working on a personal project or a contractor job, hammer drills are timeless. This drill type is powerful and can cut through masonry or metal without a glitch. What makes this even more useful is that you can purchase one in a cordless design. A small yet durable battery powers the equipment so you can drill your way into confined spaces and elevated surfaces. The only thing that you have to do is to find the best cordless hammer drill.

The defining factor for the topnotch drill is its power. Given the fact that you’re looking for cordless means that finding this one could be a little challenging. Not all of the branded drills could withstand drilling on masonry or metal. To help you out with your purchase, I listed here five of the best offers in the hammer department.

DeWalt DCD985B 1/2” 20V Lithium Ion Hammer Drill

Power and durability rarely come hand in hand on most cordless hammer drills. One of the amazing models that have these two features is the DeWalt DCD985B 1/2” 20V Lithium Ion Hammer Drill. It’s powered by a 20V battery and can produce 450 watts to give the best performance you can ever find in a cordless drill. This has a metal ratcheting chuck that measures half of an inch with carbide inserts.

Even if cordless, this comes with a side handle and a slot for a depth rod, though the rod itself isn’t included in the package. The overall build of this drill is compact but with a speed of a maximum of 2,000 RPM.

Aside from being a hammer drill, you can also switch the function into the driver mode. There are LED lights on the handle so you can use it even on dark spaces.

best cordless hammer drill

Bosch PS130BN 3/8” 12-Volt Hammer Drill

Are you planning to install floating mantels somewhere elevated inside the house? The Bosch PS130BN 3/8” 12-Volt Hammer Drill will be the best cordless hammer drill. This is the smallest of all the cordless type  I’ve seen but it’s not short of functionality. It runs in a reasonable 12V battery and weighs a measly 2.3 pounds so you can use it with one hand when you’re drilling and lifted on a ladder. This is also a wonderful tool if you have to drill and drive some electrical slots on your place.

Overall, this has a maximum of 1,300 RPM that is already powerful for its size. This has integrated LED lights so you can use it on dark corners of the site you’re working on. Just keep in mind that this has a 3/8” chuck so you have to be careful in buying the bits.

The best part is that this drill is less than $80. Such a low-risk investment.

Makita XPH102 Lithium-Ion 18V Hammer Driver Drill

A drill driver and a hammer drill in one? The Makita XPH102 Lithium-Ion 18V Hammer Driver Drill might be what you’re looking for. This four-pole powered motor can produce a massive 480in.lbs. of torque, 9,000 RPM, and 28,500 BPM. The Makita drill possesses the Extreme Protection Technology of the brand that makes it water and dust-resistant.

This drill weighs a medium-weight 3.9 pounds which isn’t too heavy but it still gives a good feel for the equipment. There are LED lights on the handle so you can use it anywhere you wish to. The handle is ergonomically designed for one-hand use without slippage despite having the single-finger trigger.

Aside from its power on drilling masonry and driving screws, its overall metal build is also a reflection of its durability. Its battery would also last twice than the usual ion batteries of other cordless drills. This is best cordless hammer drill almost of the same price with the DeWalt one, just in case you have the money to shell out.

Milwaukee 2704-20 1/2” Hammer Drill Driver

The Milwaukee 2704-20 1/2” Hammer Drill Driver might be compact, but its power is something that outshines its build. A 18V RedLithium battery powers this brushless drill that can produce a mind-blowing 1,200 in.lbs. of torque and 2,000 RPM. This has the exclusive REDLINK Plus Intelligence technology that avoids damage to the drill and battery due to overloading or overheating.

Of its kind, this Milwaukee drill is already the most compact. But boy does it drill like a corded one when used in metal, wood, or even masonry. There’s even a side handle for added stability while you’re working. With a 1/2” chuck, you can use a wide variety of bits on this one like a spade bit or a hole cutter.

When it comes to the price, this best cordless hammer drill isn’t a far cry from other branded ones like DeWalt and Makita. In fact, this is one of my darlings when it comes to cordless drilling.

best cordless hammer drill

Hitachi KC18DBFL Brushless Hammer Drill Combo

The Hitachi KC18DBFL Brushless Hammer Drill Combo would be your favorite choice of a hammer drill set. This comes with an impact driver and is both brushless for durability and efficient runtime. The hammer drill is powered by a 18V Lithium-ion battery and can produce a torque of up to 440 in.lbs. What’s best about the hammer drill on this combo is it has a 1/2” ratcheting chuck where you can use a variety of bits.

The impact driver, on the other hand, is equally useful since it can produce 1,400+ in.lbs. of torque and 2,900 RPM. This part is just a bonus in case you’re also planning to acquire the same type of drill.

These two drills are contained in a case and come with a rapid charger. It might very pricey but it’s worth the purchase for a massive addition on your handyman’s toolkit.

Finding the best cordless hammer drill is no longer a hard task as you already have these five top choices. Just make sure that whatever you choose suits your needs and budget. Do you have one in mind? Let’s discuss it in the comment section!

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5 Best Cordless Hammer Drills For Your Convenience

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