Top 9 DeWalt Drill Sets Contractors/DIYers Wish They Have

It’s undeniable, DeWalt is a household and contractor favorite. Despite some gaffes on a few models, these drilling gems are always reliable and can last for years of use. However, the struggle comes in choosing the best DeWalt drill set for your job. The brand is saturated with different tool combinations and I must say, it’s one hell of a purchasing decision to pick one.

But after countless months of drilling into different offers I came across, I came up with a short roundup to help you with your own purchase. My only goal here is for you to experience the same amazing quality of the brand I’ve been enjoying for years.

1. DeWalt DCK240C2 Lithium-ion 20V Combo Kit

One of the basic sets you can get is a combination of a driver and a drill. This can already cover the basics of drill works, though not as powerful as 5-tool combos. If you’re starting out, check the DeWalt DCK240C2 Lithium-ion 20V Combo Kit. This boasts a drill driver that can work up to 1,500 RPM and an impact driver with 300 unit watts out (UWO).

You can use both in a variety of surfaces like wood and metal without the need to exert extra effort. Aside from the power, the drills have ergonomic handles for one-hand operation.

When you purchase this, you’ll have the two tools, a charger, and a bag. A simple but good start for your toolkit.

2. DeWalt DCD 771C2 Cordless 20V Drill Driver Kit

If you’re into starting small, the DeWalt DCD 771C2 Cordless 20V Drill Driver Kit is the best DeWalt drill set for you. The motor of the drill can deliver 300 UWO and a speed of 3,000 RPM. Do note that DeWalt uses UWO instead of torque in determining the power of their equipment.

This set uses a 1/2” chuck so you can easily find bits and fix it fast. Although this is just a single tool, this DeWalt model can already cover a lot of your screw driving and drilling tasks without the need to buy a separate equipment for boring holes. It’s keyless and it will definitely raise the convenience of your work a notch. By the way, your purchase comes with a charger and a bag.

best DeWalt drill set

3. DeWalt DC970K Drill Driver Set

If you’re always struggling to wait while you charge the sole battery of your drill, you should invest on the DeWalt DC970K Drill Driver Set. This comes with two batteries that will power the 18V drill driver as well as a one-hour charger to keep you in action.

The driver, on the other hand, has 380 UWO and can run in 1.2 hours of amp hours. This can work on a maximum of 1,500 RPM and in a 1/2” ratcheting keyless chuck. That gives a tighter grip and the stability even if used on metal and tough wood. The DeWalt DC970K is the best for home and commercial purposes as long as you don’t overuse it. Remember, the best DeWalt drill set cordless drills still have limitations.

4. DeWalt DCK290L2 Impact Driver and Hammer Drill Set

The DeWalt DCK290L2 Impact Driver and Hammer Drill Set will surely level up your drilling experience as it comes with a cordless hammer drill and an impact driver. Both run on 20V batteries and possess the patented three-transmission system so you can have faster drilling without the expense of efficiency.

The hammer drill on this set can run at a maximum of 2,000 RPM which is 30% more accurate compared to the other available hammer drills in the market. The impact driver is also a great addition to your toolkit as it has a 1/4” hex shank that can deliver up to 2,800 RPM. That’s 43% faster than some cheap finds! If you’re looking for power, convenience, and affordability, this set is the one to be.

best DeWalt drill set

5. DeWalt DCK590L2 5-Tool Combo Set

A tough job only deserves an even tougher toolset. This is why the DeWalt DCK90L2 5-Tool Combo Set stood out among the rest. It’s composed of a hammer drill, circular saw, 1/4” impact driver, reciprocating saw, and a LED light to stuff your roster of power tools. All these are powered by 20V batteries that are long-lasting than the usual 18V types.

It could be a very hefty set, but trust me, you’ll never need to purchase another equipment for the next five years unless you’ll expand your nature of work. This best DeWalt drill set is just mind-blowing that it’s surprisingly less than 600 bucks. Watch out, it sells like hotcakes and I’m close to getting one!

6. DeWalt DCK280C2 Compact Drill and Driver Set

If you find the 5-toolset intimidating, I’ll bring you back to the simple, yet reliable, combo offers. The DeWalt DCK280C2 Compact Drill and Driver Set consist of a 2,000 RPM drill driver and a 1/4” hex shank impact driver. Both work on 20V batteries that also come in the package together with a 30-minute charger.

What I love the most about DeWalt cordless set is its one-hand operation. These two also have that build and are equipped with belt hooks so you can place it within your arm’s reach. Even if it’s small in size, it’s massive in functionality and quality. Just the right mix for less than 200 bucks of equipment.

7. DeWalt DCK955X 9-Tool Cordless Combo Set

Look at a handyman’s toolkit and you’ll surely find the staples included in the DeWalt DCK955X 9-Tool Cordless Combo Set. This best DeWalt drill set is composed of the hammer drill, circular saw, reciprocating saw, impact wrench, jigsaw, impact driver, two cut-off tools, and a floodlight. There’s more! This already powerful combination comes with complementary accessories like a floodlight, carbide blades, charger, backing flange, batteries, and two contractor bags. That’s more than nine tools and it’s crazily functional!

If you’re starting a DIY, this is the set you definitely should have. The only thing you would have to worry about is getting bits that match these tools. You’ll also need to get more batteries if you’re using all of these in one project. There are only two batts included in this package but that’s fine since you might not be using all these simultaneously.

best DeWalt drill set

8. DeWalt DCD785C2 Hammer Driver/Drill Kit with Socket Set

Sometimes, it’s not the drill that slows down the work, it’s the lack of sockets to accommodate different shank and bit sizes. If this is your problem, you should look for the DeWalt DCD785C2 Hammer Drive/Drill Kit with Socket Set. It provides a wide selection of sockets so you can adjust your drill in a fly.

Meanwhile, the hammer driver/drill will give you a maximum of 2,000 RPM on its 1/2” ratcheting chuck. It’s just a solo drill but it will be very versatile with the use of the sockets. Given that this is a hammer drill, you can work on tough surfaces and use a wide range of bits like chisels and more. When you purchase this, you’ll have a charger, two batteries, the drill, a bag, and of course, the socket set.

9. DeWalt 20V Hammer Driver/Drill with Titanium Bit Set

Do you want to drill the moment you open your order? Then get the DeWalt 20V Hammer Driver/Drill with Titanium Bit Set. This has a drill that can work up to 2,000 RPM that can cover a lot of drilling tasks on your projects. Remember that this best DeWalt drill set is a versatile tool as it can be a hammer drill and a driver whenever you need it.

This drill has a 1/2” ratcheting chuck that ensures your bit is strongly fit and won’t slip while using the hammer-drilling mode. Aside from that, you no longer have to look for a separate bit set as this comes with the DeWalt titanium bits. This set costs around $50 if I’m not mistaken. That’s already a big saving plus you get tough bits that can endure masonry and other hard surfaces.

The best DeWalt drill set depends on the kind of work you have. All these options I gave here are mind-blowing especially the 9-Toolset that will answer almost every handyman’s call for a complete toolkit. Whatever your budget is, you’ll find a good offer but make sure that you pick meticulously. Quality should always be the priority. Do you agree? Ping me in the comment section!

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Top 9 DeWalt Drill Sets Contractors/DIYers Wish They Have

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