8 Best Drill Bits Reviewed: Check These Exclusive Options!

Whatever the type of drill you’re using, you deserve only the best drill bits. There are a lot of sets and individual pieces available in the market that you might find it hard to spot which are the dud ones and which are the diamonds. This is why I came up with this post. Here, I picked eight of the best finds in the market that might be your next addition to your toolkit.

1. DEWALT DW1354 Set of 14 Titanium Drill Bits

DEWALT is a crowd favorite and I must say, their DEWALT DW1354 Set of 14 Titanium Drill Bits would explain why. This is the quintessential tool if you’re drilling holes on wood as it has a no-spin build for efficient drilling with no slipping. The DEWALT set also has a titanium pilot point that is stronger than the black oxide.

Each piece on this set has a tapered web to reduce the risk of breaking while in use. This comes with a durable plastic case you can bring whenever and wherever you need to accomplish a drilling job. Regardless if you’re a starter or a veteran one, you can find peace of mind in this set worth less than 20 bucks.

2. DEWALT DW5207 Premium 7-Piece Masonry Drill Set

If you find the first set of best drill bits too massive, you can have a jumpstart with the DEWALT DW5207 Premium 7-Piece Masonry Drill Set. This one can be used on masonry, unlike the first one that’s exclusive for woodwork.  The German-manufactured set has rock carbide tips that will retain its edge even if used for an extended period.

Like the first set from the same brand, these DEWALT bits have no-spin shanks. Each one will drill smoothly like butter and with no resistance. If you’re doing some small drilling jobs, these will work fine. For less than $15, you’ll get more of what you pay for. This is trusted by thousands of users and it won’t fail you just the same.

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3. RotoZip Drywall 1/8-Inch Drilling Bit

Working on a drywall? If so, the RotorZip Drywall 1/8-Inch Drilling Bit would be the best equipment addition you can have.  This is made of high-speed steel on which the outer surface doesn’t rotate when in use. The RotoZip bit is sharp and excellent if you’re boring holes for utility wiring or if you’re reinventing your basement.

If you’re tired of time-consuming bits, this one is for you. It will cut you some slack from slow-working bits and those that break in the middle of a project. For less than 10 bucks, you’ve got a strong piece of drilling bit here that may last for months depending on the intensity of use.

4. CO-Z Cobalt High-Speed Steel, Multiple Hole Drill, Set of 5

If you’re working on tough steel, the CO-Z Cobalt High-Speed Steel, Multiple Hole Drill, Set of 5 will be the best drill bits. It comes in five different sizes and shanks compatible with 1/2, 3/8, and 1/4-inch chuck sizes. Each of the five bits is made of cobalt steel and coated with titanium for utmost durability and shine.

This works on metal, wood, plastic board, aluminum sheets, and other materials. Just make sure to mark the exact spot you’re planning to drill to make it easy for you to use the oversized tips.

For less than $25, this comes in a neat case so you can carry it like a pro.

5. Drill Craft 29-Piece HSS Cobalt Drill Set

Nothing beats hardness when you’re looking for drill bits. The Drill Craft 29-Piece HSS Cobalt Drill Set is what you might be looking for in terms of durability. It’s made of high-heat treated M42 solid Cobalt with a hardness of 68-70 HRC.

Each of the varying bits in the set can drill through hard materials like grade 8 bolts, truck frames, spring steel, farm implements, and more. Just be careful in handling the bits as it’s too sharp that you might cut yourself.

If any of the bits broke, you can mail it back to the manufacturer and they’ll give a replacement. But from the looks of it, it’s far from happening.

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6. Tarvol 5-Piece Masonry Drill Bit Set

A set made for masonry; this is exactly what the Tarvol 5-Piece Drill Bit Set is about. These best drill bits can pass through metal, wood, concrete, bricks, tiles, and more materials. The five-piece set comes with 5/16”, 1/4”, 3/16”, 5/32”, and 3/8” sizes. All of these have carbide tips that will reasonably endure dense surfaces.

If you’re doing some personal household drilling, this will work just as fine as commercial grade ones. Each one will work smoothly like butter and you won’t have a problem with bits stuck on walls.

The best part is that this set costs more or less 10 bucks. This is a low-risk investment if ever everything comes to worse.

7. Bosch HCK001 SDS-Plus 7-Piece Hammer Drill Bit Set

Hammer drills are common additions to every household nowadays, and if you have one, don’t miss pairing it with the Bosch HCK001 SDS-Plus 7-Piece Bit Set. It has the four-flute helix design and carbide tips that can withstand heavy loads. Each piece in the set is separate bits from Bosch that can cover most of your drilling needs.

The centric tips of the bits are made to make drilling faster and without dulling easily. These are made from Germany and you’re assured of the quality Bosch has always been offering their tools.  By the way, these best drill bits are less than $30.

8. Bosch MS4091 91-Piece Drive Drill Bit Set

If you have a driver drill, missing the Bosch MS4091 91-Piece Bit Set is almost a sin. This is every handyman’s staple as it provides a wide variety of bits and accompanying accessories to make your drilling easier. Each bit has better dripping power for efficient drilling and driving on whatever screwing or fastening task you can imagine.

For your convenience, thee bits are in a sturdy plastic toolbox you would also love. This set is worth less than $40 which I’m sure is worth every penny. Buy one, open it in front of your workmates, and see the envy in their eyes.

The eight products I listed here are just some of the best drill bits I found in my days of scouting different brands. Which one would you love to get? Let’s discuss it in the comment section!

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8 Best Drill Bits Reviewed: Check These Exclusive Options!

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