6 DeWalt SDS Hammer Drills To Add On Your Toolkit Update

If you’re wondering what’s special about a DeWalt SDS hammer drill, it would be hard to give an answer. Many brands have the same features and the quality can also compete with the all-time goodies of the brand. But based on my experience, DeWalt stands out because of durability. I’ve had many drill equipment in the past but none had surpassed the lifetime of a DeWalt drill.

Here, I’ll share with you six of the best finds on the brand. All these are very functional and given the chance (and money), I’ll never hesitate to add all of these to my toolkit.

1. DeWalt D25263K SDS D-Handle Hammer Drill

During my DIY projects, I love the idea of having a cordless drill that you can swing around without the need to untangle cords. The DeWalt D25263K SDS D-Handle Hammer Drill is one of the toughest cordless drills I’ve ever seen. It’s powered by a 20V battery with a brushless motor for it to run longer than other types.

This has a clutch so you can easily reduce or increase torque without shocking the motor. It’s complete with the basics and more. You have a side handle, a depth rod, and an ultimately ergonomic handle for utmost convenience and stability.

Although it has a bigger build, it’s lightweight for its size. Its 2.1-Joule impact is enough for it to be included in your toolkit. This is less than $300 and worth the investment if you have an extra to spare.

2. DeWalt SDS 24601K SDS Max Hammer Drill

During contractor projects, I’ll admit that cordless types could be a little limiting. This is why the likes of DeWalt SDS 24601K SDS Max Hammer Drill are a staple in my toolkit. It has a simpler and elongated build for a better hold. This DeWalt SDS hammer drill has an 8-Joule impact energy and a 13.5 Amp motor that will not disappoint even on the toughest drilling jobs.

This has an electronic dial so you can easily change speed whenever you have to switch materials. The rear handle mount of this drill means no need to bend over just to stabilize the drill on your hands.

To be honest, this is the one I’m targeting to buy next due to its undeniable power. It’s pricey but I’m willing to put my money on quality whenever it’s needed.

DeWalt SDS hammer drill

3. DeWalt 25313K SDS Three-Mode Hammer Drill

If you have a bigger hand, the DeWalt 25313K SDS Three-Mode Hammer Drill might be the perfect match you’re looking for. This has an L-shape handle that gives enough room for a nice grip not to mention its soft feel and the two-finger trigger.

This DeWalt drill has a 2.5 ft.lbs. of torque that you can maximize in drilling or chipping your old tiles. The motor is still impressive at 8.0 Amp but it’s not as powerful as the second model I listed here. Anyway, with the size of less than a foot, I’m surprised that this can house such a great motor.

You can maximize its three modes and two speeds in a variety of tasks and materials. It’s lightweight at 6.5 pounds and if you’re planning to spend a handsome amount for a new tool, this one is what I’ll recommend.

4. DeWalt DCH273P2 SDS Rotary Hammer Drill

I’m also a fan of drill kits and God knows how many I bought over the years. I can say that the DeWalt DCH273P2 SDS Rotary Hammer Drill is something a starter should have in his toolkit. This DeWalt SDS hammer drill is cordless, but boy, it can drill like a corded one!

This has a 2.1-Joule drilling impact that’s powered by a 20V motor and a stunning 5.0 Ah battery. Since this is a rotary type, it just deserves the largest possible battery life.

Another thing you should know about this is it has the vibration control technology so you will less strain when drilling elevated surfaces. Overall, the kit comes with a tool case, two batteries, the drill, and a charger. This is a powerhouse kit so never hesitate to invest if you’re buying a cordless equipment.

DeWalt SDS hammer drill

5. DeWalt DCK233P2 SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill

One more thing about kits is it may come with more than one drill. This is the case with the DeWalt DCK233P2 SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Kit that has a hammer drill and an impact drill. The advantageous part about buying this is you no longer have to scout for a separate impact drill which you’ll likely need for your woodwork.

The DHC133 hammer drill on this kit has 2.6 Joules of impact energy that’s stronger than some corded drill you can find in the market. The impact drill, on the other hand, has three-speed settings so you can work on different materials. Both of these are powered by 5.0 Ah batteries. By the way, this is cheaper than the other kits here.

6. DeWalt DCH273B SDS Hammer Bare Tool

The DeWalt DCH273B SDS Hammer Bare Tool could be a déjà vu of the 25313K but it’s way powerful and the built is remastered to have a better grip and easy torque adjustment. This DeWalt SDS hammer drill has a 2.1-Joule impact energy and a brushless motor for the most efficient battery use.

Since you might be walking around your shop or site, this has a retractable metal clip so you can leave it by the ladder then fold it while in use. Simple details that truly make a difference when you’re already working. This is a chubbier tool but still lightweight. This is less than 300 bucks for someone who’s a little cash-strapped.

Getting a DeWalt SDS hammer drill is a good investment as it offers a versatile range of features. You just have to know which one suits your work and budget, of course. Do you have something in mind? Let us know!

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6 DeWalt SDS Hammer Drills To Add On Your Toolkit Update

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