5 Hammer Drill Reviews You Totally Need Right Now

Hammer drill reviews are the gems of the internet for every prospective buyer. It gives an honest preview of what we can expect from a drill the moment we buy it. And this is exactly what I’m going to do now. I compiled five of the best drills I’ve had and give you a quick, but meaty, review of each one. What I can assure you is that all these are for the money. It’s just a matter of getting one that will suit your work, budget, and expectations.

Read on and start planning your next equipment purchase

1. SKIL 6445-04 7.0 Amp Hammer Drill

Compact and corded rarely come hand in hand and one of this is the SKIL 6445-04 7.0 Amp Hammer Drill. This sturdy tool isn’t just powerful on its motor, it’s also a monster drill for wood, metal, and concrete. The SKIL drill is a simple hammer drill with no other settings but you’ll surely find a series of purpose for this when you’re working on continuous projects.

This has a keyed chuck and a two finger trigger that you can lock for added convenience. To keep your drilling stable, this equipment comes with a rotating side handle and a depth rod for accuracy.

What I love the most about this drill is it can cut through a tough concrete surface like butter. I no longer have to overuse a bit just to bore fine holes in my basement. The only thing I disliked about this is its very loud sound. It’s either you use earplugs or you wreak havoc on your eardrums

2. Milwaukee 2404-20 Hammer Drill

I have a small workshop so when I decided to purchase a new equipment, I looked for a cordless and compact one. And I never went wrong with Milwaukee 2404-20 Hammer Drill. M12 fuel batteries power this so it’s easy to find and purchase one if ever the first battery got worn out. It’s also brushless so I get to extract more power from it given that it’s a cordless type with 12 volts of power. So far, this is the best of all the hammer drill reviews I gave in the past.

For simple DIY projects, this is indispensable and it even comes with free drill bits on the package. It’s made in China so I don’t know yet if this can last as long my as past DeWalts and Boschs. This is lightweight for more or less three pounds with a considerably big handle and a single-finger trigger.

It could only be 12 volts but it’s a total monster. Use DeWalt bits on this and you’ll see what I’m talking about. And for the price, this is a champ, my friend.

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3. DeWalt DW511 7.8 Amp Hammer Drill

For heavier drilling tasks, I always count on my DeWalt DW511 7.8 Amp Hammer Drill. It has a massive 7.8 Amp motor that can produce up to 650 watts and 2,700 RPM. This works smoothly on masonry, metal, and wood if you adjust the torque perfectly. So far, I can’t find any problem with this drill as it allows me to use it in two different modes.

This DeWalt has a 1/2” size that’s perfect for drilling tough surfaces without the worry of burning or snapping the bit. The drill weighs a total of 4.3 pounds which is heavier than SKIL but more powerful as this one is corded.

I got this for a price lower than $100, and I must say, it’s a wise buy. It made my drilling job faster and easier especially if I have to bore about 50 holes in succession. Just avoid putting too much pressure on the drill if you’re drilling downward. Follow these hammer drill reviews and you’ll see a difference.

4. PORTER-CABLE PC70THD 1/2” Hammer Drill

In case you want more RPM, the PORTER-CABLE PC70HTD 1/2” Hammer Drill is what I can recommend. You can use this in a maximum of 3,100 RPM and you can also adjust the torque and speed in the maximum levels by switching between the modes. What I like the most about this drill is its two-finger trigger since I’m having gripping issues when drilling concrete and other tough surfaces.

As usual, there’s a side handle for added stability. This is well-made and it feels solid while in use but you have to be careful with the depth rod as it’s made of plastic. But for the price, there’s nothing else I can complain about.

It may feel heavy for some but it’s truly a bang for the buck. You can set this in two different modes so it would be added points, I think.

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5. Hammer Drill Reviews: Bosch RH328VC Rotary Hammer SDS Drill

For the ultimate suggestion, it would be Bosch RH328VC Rotary Hammer SDS Drill. This has a massive motor of 8.0 Amps and a great weight to power ratio for a rotary hammer drill. There’s a built-in clutch so you can adjust the torque on a fly. You can also set this in three modes: rotary, rotation-only, and hammer-only.

The best part of this drill is it has the vibration control so there would be less strain on the hands compared to other screamer models. It also has a three-finger handle that’s enclosed so you can have a good grip on whatever drilling angle you’re working.

Made for heavy tasks, what made me decide to purchase this is its compliance with health standards. Bosch has developed a technology on this drill that will lessen the production of crystalline silica that damages the lungs when inhaled. If you’re also working on demolition sites, you’ll know that face masks aren’t just enough.

The hammer drill reviews I gave here are based on my experiences. It’s up to you to decide which one you’ll love to get for yourself. I hope I gave you enough choices to ponder upon for your next investment. But like what I said, all these are functional. Do you have something in mind? Let’s talk about it!

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5 Hammer Drill Reviews You Totally Need Right Now

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