Drilling Deep? Check Out These 7 Long Masonry Drill Bits

Drilling walls on thick concrete walls will need a long masonry drill bit. This is so the bit can pass through without being stuck on the material or the chuck from banging on the surface. Some sets may not include a piece for this as it’s almost a special type that most household drilling doesn’t need. But if you’re a contractor or handyman who needs to accomplish some serious deep drilling, these seven picks I scouted would surely help you out.

1. Bosch HC2068 SDS-Plus 24-Ich Bulldog Hammer Drill Bit

If you’re anchoring or boring through-holes, the Bosch HC2068 SDS-Plus 24-Inch Bulldog Hammer Drill Bit Set would be a good choice. It has a 3/8” tip size that’s made with Bosch’s original carbide material to make it last during heavy drilling. The bit is also 15 % faster than other counterparts of the same size. This also bears the centric tip design that makes it easy to penetrate through concrete or other masonry material.

To give you an idea, this bit can drill 15” holes on granite in less than two minutes. If you have a thicker material to drill, the usable length is more than enough. Anyway, you’ll have to invest in quality as this is more or less $20.

2. Irwin Tools 24-Inch Straight Shank Bit

In case you have a hammer drill that can only accommodate straight shanks, the Irwin Tools 24-Inch Straight Shank Bit would be the perfect match. Like the Bosch long masonry drill bit, this has a carbide tip that can ensure tough drilling. It even has copper brazen content to make it more heat-resistant and less likely to break.

This three-jaw chuck Chrome vanadium bit is hardened to 53HrC and uses the brand’s patented flute design. With the 24-inch length, you can drill almost every masonry material for as much as 20 inches without a hassle.

The Irwin Tools bit works as advertised and it will surely give the value of your $19.

long masonry drill bit

3. DEWALT DW5824 14-Inch SDS-Max Drill Bit

If you need a longer but not too lengthy bit, the DEWALT DW5824 14-Inch SDS-Max Drill Bit would be a great start. As an SDS-Max bit, this can work on heavy drilling like concrete destruction. The DEWALT bit has a carbide tip and an open head design so it can easily penetrate the material. Its helix design is also elongated for faster drilling and easier removal of debris.

It could be very expensive for a single long masonry drill bit but this one is a powerhouse piece. It has a hardened core that’s far from breaking that you can even drill your way on a thick slab without dulling it. If you’re willing to spend for quality, the search is over with this DEWALT DW5824.

4. Bosch HC2109 SDS-Plus 39-Inch Hammer Bit

In cases the job requires the deepest drilling, you should have a handy piece of Bosch HC2109 SDS-Plus 39-Inch Hammer Bit. This went through a special hardening process so you can have a piece that can drill deep and can last the longest. Like the first Bosch bit, this has a special carbide tip that will bore through the toughest masonry material you can think of.

Keep in mind that this is an SDS-Plus bit that wouldn’t fit on SDS-Max chucks. Anyway, you can get an adapter to maximize the length of this piece. You can drill about 36 inches or more with this one.

For such a long and quality drill bit, this is already cheap for less than 40 bucks.

5. IVY Classic 12-Inch Carbide Masonry Drill Bit

For a choice of a round shank, check out the IVY Classic 12-Inch Carbide Masonry Drill Bit. This isn’t as long as the first listed choices but it can still bore through-holes and cut through thinner-though not really very thin-materials. The IVY Classic bit is a trusty equipment on drilling concrete, stone, bricks, and more.

This has wider flutes to make it easier for you to remove the debris. The IVY Classic long masonry drill bit is induction hardened to ensure its strength and durability despite aggressive drilling. Try drilling using this and your thick wall will be like smooth butter!

long masonry drill bit

6. DEWALT DW5236 12-Inch Hammer Drill Bit

Another 12-inch choice is the DEWALT DW5236 Hammer Drill Bit. Like most of DEWALT’s quality bits, this has the trademark rock carbide tip that will last longer and will make a smoother contact with the material. Paired with the four-flute design, drilling has never been this easier and effortless.

The DEWALT bit has three -flat shank that will stick to the chuck of your drill really well. This bit will keep its fine edge even if you used it continuously. For more or less 10 bucks, this will drill surfaces like a pro. This is a gem among DEWALT’s commonly pricey selections so you might as well grab one for future use.

7. QuestCraft 11-Piece 18-Inch Drill Bit Set

If you’re working on different, thick masonry, the QuestCraft 11-Piece 18-Inch Drill Bit Set will be your bosom drilling buddy. These are SDS-Plus bits that have tungsten carbide tips that work well on concrete, bricks, or stone. The sizes of the bits on the set range from 3/16” to 3/4” and the 18-inch length starts on the 3/8”size.

This set is best for household use and not for heavy contractor projects. For less than $45, this is already a good addition to your personal toolkit. This may not work on a DEWALT quality, but it still gives a clean finish that’s hard not to include on this list.


A long masonry drill bit helps a lot in projects that involve thick slabs of concrete or tasks that need through-holes. If you’re looking for one to match your drill equipment, this list would help you out. Not all of these may suit on your drill type but you’ll surely find one that matches your needs and specific size requirement.

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Drilling Deep? Check Out These 7 Long Masonry Drill Bits

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