7 Makita 18V Impact Drivers To Ace Your Woodwork

Impact drivers make woodwork easier and faster. Gone are the days when you have to manually hammer nails to attach a piece of wood to another. Now, you can even use a Makita 18V impact driver to bury a screw fast and with the use of a compact tool.

Makita has been doing a great job in producing some of our favorite DIY tools and it’s still gaining traction with its newest releases. Here, I scouted seven of the best impact drills to ace your job.

1. Makita XDT111Cordless Impact Drill

For starters, a simple impact drill and a kit would be the most powerful thing. If you’re in the hunt, don’t miss the Makita XDT111 Cordless Impact Drill. This has a massive torque of 1,460 in. lbs. and it can spin up to 2,900 RPM. The Makita drill has a brush design that can deliver more rotation without the need to decrease the torque.

The XDT111 has a 1/4-inch hex chuck and built-in lights to make your work convenient if you have to deal with confined spaces. What’s more about this drill is it’s equipped with the Extreme Protection Technology that makes it more water and dust-resistant if you’re working outdoors.

2. Makita XDT12Z Lithium-Ion 18V Impact Drill, Tool Only

In case you’re on a budget, the Makita XDT12Z Lithium-Ion Impact Drill would be a good choice. It doesn’t come with a kit but if you want a cut in the price, you can never go wrong with this one. With just one equipment, you can already maximize four different speed settings to cater most of the screw jobs you have.

Unlike the first Makita impact drill, this can work in a maximum of 3,500 RPM for the fastest possible drilling. There’s even a tightening mode so you won’t damage the screw or the material you’re working on. This Makita drill is brushless so expect longer runtime than the brush type models. Excellent choice for a Makita 18v impact driver!

Makita 18v impact driver

3. Makita XDT14R Compact 18V Brushless Impact Driver Toolkit

A kit is a convenient choice since you no longer have to buy separate parts just to start drilling. The Makita XDT14R Compact 18V Brushless Impact Driver Toolkit is what I’m talking about. This drill is powerful than the second Makita choice I gave as it can run in a maximum of 3,800 RPM and with the torque of up to 1,550 in. lbs.

My favorite feature of this tool is the Quick Shift mode that will allow you to change speed in a fly. It also has the tightening mode among its other features to ensure that you won’t damage your work.

The package comes with a drill, two batteries, and a quick charger so you can keep going.

4. Makita CT322W Lithium-Ion 3-Piece Combo Kit

If you can’t choose between a typical driver drill and a powerful impact drill, why not get both? The Makita CT322W Lithium-Ion 3-Piece Combo Kit will give you one impact drill with a power of 1.460 in.lbs and a driver drill that can run in a maximum of 480 in.lbs. Such versatility has never been as affordable as this Makita 18v impact driver kit for as low as $170.

The impact driver deserves to be highlighted here as it’s made compact and lightweight for 2.8 pounds with the battery on. This is so you can drill between cramped walls without the usual hand strain. The package even comes with a cordless flashlight and a tool bag for a complete set of equipment.

5. Makita WXT11Z Cordless 18V Impact Wrench

The Makita WXT11Z Cordless 18V Impact Wrench might not be exactly an impact drill but it surely shares the same functionality. It can run at three different speeds with 3,500 RPM as the maximum. This has a brushless motor so you can maximize its power without draining the battery fast.

To make your user experience even better, there are built-in LED lights to light up the material you’re drilling. But before you buy your bits, remember that an impact wrench uses a 1/2” square drive. It can be bulkier than other drivers but it’s definitely powerful.

This is a bit expensive but worth the purchase if you’re into reliable tools. If you don’t like this, you can surely pick from the other choices.

Makita 18v impact driver

6. Makita LXDT04X1 Impact Driver Kit

It’s rare to find a Makita 18v impact driver that comes with a complete set of accessories. The Makita LXDT04X1 Impact Driver Kit is the best find as the package comes with an 11-Piece Bit Set. The drill itself is reliable at a maximum of 3,200 RPM that you can use in wide variety of drilling needs.

It has a quick touch 1/4-inch hex chuck for easy bit placing and removal. If you got fond of drilling, you don’t have to worry as there’s a spare battery that comes with the toolkit and the charger.

7. Makita XT269M Brushless Cordless Kit

Last but not the least on this roundup is the Makita XT269M Brushless Cordless Kit with an impact driver and a hammer drill. The impact driver can produce maximum torque of 1,500 in.lbs. Meanwhile, the hammer drill is also versatile and can be used in a variety of surfaces like wood, masonry, and metal.

This comes with two batteries so there’s no spare if you’re both using the equipment. It also has a tool case and a charger for the best user experience. This is a little expensive than the first combo I listed but you’re going to get more than what you pay for.

Choosing a Makita 18v impact driver could also be a hard task. We’re talking about money and efficiency here and it’s just right to be meticulous to get your investment’s worth. All the drills I listed here are all functional and reliable but it’s up to you to choose. Do you have something in mind? Let us know!

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7 Makita 18V Impact Drivers To Ace Your Woodwork

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