10 Masonry Drill Bits For Seamless Results

Masonry work involves a lot of drilling, either to install utility wires or to mount different construction materials. A typical drill bit would likely break off or ruin the surface. This is why it’s important to purchase the right masonry drill bits. A sturdy piece is one that can withstand materials like granite, concrete, bricks, tiles, and more without the expense of a smooth finish.

You have to remember that wood drill bits won’t work for masonry and vice versa. It’s either you take chances or you ruin your project. Aside from getting the dedicated bit, you should also pick the right size depending on what you intend to achieve as well as the compatibility to the chuck of your drill.

After jumping from one brand to another, I came up with 10 picks that I deem best for every kind of masonry work. Check each out:

1. DEWALT DW5207 Premium 7-Piece Masonry Drill Bit Set

When it comes to masonry bits, the DEWALT DW5207 Premium 7-Piece Drill Bit Set is on the top of the list. The seven bits come in 3/16” to 1/2” sizes on which each one has the tough rock carbide tip. It’s also built with the four-flute spiral for easy cleaning of the debris while and after drilling.

This DEWALT set can drill through concrete, artificial stone, and rocks without getting stuck or dulling easy. The shanks of the bits are ensured to be no-slip so it will stay in place even if used on dense masonry. If you’re using this on tiles, use rotary motion to avoid cracking the material.

For 15 bucks, there’s no reason not to try this one out.

2. Bosch BM5000 14-Piece Masonry Set

If you’re looking for the perfect masonry drill bits for your tiles and bricks, the Bosch BM5000 14-Piece Bit Set would be a good investment. The sizes range from 1/8” to 1/2” where each one comes in two or three pieces so you have a spare in case you overuse the first piece. If you’re working on a variety of masonry material, this set would be a useful tool.

These bits work on either cordless or corded drills and can bore holes fast with the carbide tips. However, you should remember that this set isn’t fit for hammer drills and works best on rotary drills alone. If you’re drilling concrete, you should use water as a coolant to avoid damaging the usable part.

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3. Tarvol 5-Piece Masonry Bit Set

For a smaller set, you can check out the Tarvol 5-Piece Masonry Bit Set. This has five different bits that have 5/32” to 3/8” sizes on the carbide-tipped build. The bits are stacked in a plastic case with size markers so you can organize your bits while at work. You can use this one on dense surfaces like concrete, brick, tiles, drywall, and even plastic. However, this may not be the best pick for drilling rocks.

As a word of caution, don’t try using this to drill metal as it might just dull or break. This is just an affordable set and it may get dull after an extended use. But if you’re just buying bits for minimal household drilling, this one works best.

4. Black & Decker 16748 5-Piece Bullet Masonry Bit Set

The Black & Decker 16748 5-Piece Bullet Masonry Bit Set isn’t your typical masonry drill bits as it uses its patented speed tip design that will cut the drilling time by half compared to most bits. With that, you can drill six times more holes using a cordless drill in a single charge.

If you’re installing a mailbox, a flagpole, or electrical wires, this set would be an all-around tool. The bits on this set range from 3/16” to 1/2” that fits rotary drills and works for almost every masonry material.

This is best for household use, however, the smallest available bit might burn easily if you don’t use a coolant. Other than that, this is a risk-free purchase for about 10 bucks.

5. Bosch HC2122 SDS-Plus Masonry Bit with Carbide Tip

If you have an SDS-Plus compatible drill, you should check out the Bosch HC2122 Masonry Bit Carbide Tip. This has a 3/4” size in a four-flute, carbide-tipped design for durability and ease of use. The bit has eight inches of usable length that, I think, is enough for most masonry drilling. This is sold individually but more expensive than the regular sets for the price of about $16. Despite the price tag, this Bosch bit is long-lasting and a monster in boring holes.

The Bosch HC2122 has the unique centric tip for rounder holes and an improved drilling geometry. This allows 15% faster drilling on concrete surfaces and four times more durability when used in rebar-reinforced concrete- expensive but tough.

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6. Makita SDS-Plus 5-Piece Hammer Drill Bits For Masonry

Another SDS-Plus choice is the Makita 5-Piece Hammer Drill Bit For Masonry. This ranges from 3/16” to 1/2”, all of which have carbide tips to endure the densest masonry materials you’re going to drill. If you’re a homeowner or a construction contractor, this Makita masonry drill bits set would be a guilt-less investment. Each piece is engineered in Japan to fit perfectly on hammer drills.

Aggressive drilling won’t be a problem as this Makita set is made to stand intense levels of use. This works smoothly and you won’t have to strain yourself using your hammer drill. It can pass through reinforced cement as if you’re boring holes in wood!

For less than $25, this is quality at its finest.

7. QWORK 5-Piece Multi-Material Drill Bit Set

If you want bits that are tough, you wouldn’t want to miss the QWORK 5-Piece Multi-Material Drill Bit Set. This has a unique build of strong tungsten carbide on its spear tip that gives a blackish finish. The set of five comes in two 6 mm and one 8 mm, 10 mm, and 12 mm that can drill on tiles and hard masonry surfaces. If you’re using these masonry drill bits on dense materials, use water as a lubricant to avoid overheating.

Each bit has a three-flat shank that will fit snugly on your drills’ chuck. If you have a hammer drill, avoid using this on impact mode as it could get damaged fast.

For the set of five, this is already a good catch for as low as 13 bucks.

8. DEWALT DW5204 Premium Percussion 4-Piece Masonry Bit Set

In case you find the first DEWALT set too hefty, I suggest that you try the DEWALT DW5204 Premium Percussion 4-Piece Masonry Bit Set. Each of the 3/16” to 3/8” bit has rock carbide tips and three-flat shanks that fit 3/8” and 1/2” chucks. These masonry drill bits are efficient in drilling concrete, artificial stone, rock, and more hard surfaces.

You can use this set on hammer drills or typical rotary drills with equal ease. The DEWALT quality is obviously on this set and if you have one, you surely won’t need to buy another. Although this doesn’t drill as quick as other bits, it’s a durable investment for less than $15.

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9. Craftsman 9-66312 14-Piece Double Flute Masonry Drill Bit Set

For more choices of bits on your masonry work, why not try the Craftsman 9-66312 Drill Bit Set? This has 14 pieces of bits made out of a combination of cobalt, titanium, and black oxide. The sizes come in 1/8” to 1/2” that is more than a powerhouse if you have a big project coming up.

Though their years of providing us quality drilling supplies, this set from the brand still has that ‘Craftsman quality’. Each bit drills fast than its counterparts on other brands and it’s long-lasting, probably because of the sturdy carbide tips.

The bonus part of these masonry drill bits is the neat, folding, fabric case that’s easy to carry.

10. DRILAX 5-Piece Masonry Drill Bit Set

If you’re planning to use diamond bits on your granite or marble countertop, the DRILAX 5-Piece Masonry Bit Set could be the best choice. It comes in 3/16” to 1/2” sizes with bits of diamonds on the tip for efficient cutting. With this set, you no longer have to use a center pilot drill. Just make sure to run this with water as a coolant to avoid overheating.

The biggest shank on this set is 1/4” that is suitable for almost every electric drill. This will cut your drilling time by 80% and if you use it properly, it will last longer than what its price dictates. It’s a measly 10-dollar for such a high-quality set.

The masonry drill bits I listed here are just some of the great options in the market. Depending on the intensity of your drilling, each one of these will work just as fine. So go ahead and buy one, finish your masonry project, and marvel at the neat holes. All that for a small budget. How’s that for an investment?

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10 Masonry Drill Bits For Seamless Results

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