Who Makes The Best Drill Bits? Here’s The Long-Awaited Answer

The biggest pet peeve in every drilling job is a snapped bit or a bit that doesn’t cut smoothly into the material. This is when you’ll ask yourself, who makes the best drill bits? Giving a single answer to this question is difficult as many brands have its durable offers. DeWalt is on top of the competition but it’s unfair to rule out Bosch, Makita, Neiko, and other brands as mediocre. It’s safe to say that each one of them produces the best bit, but like any other products, not all of their collections are for the money.

Knowing which one of these brands’ products are diamonds will save you time and money from the trial and error phase. I’d been there and freely buying any bit that I want isn’t a bed of roses. It cost me a small fortune and it delayed the progress of my projects. So to avoid the same mistake I had, I listed here some brands and their bits that made a good job in the drilling department.

1. DeWalt DW1361 Pilot Point Titanium Drill Bit Set

Second on the ranking as the toughest material on drill bits, the Titanium coating prolongs the life of the bit and makes it even more heat and abrasion-resistant. This is exactly what the DeWalt DW1361 Pilot Point Titanium Drill Bit Set is about. It’s a collection of 21 bits that range from 1/16” to 1/2” sizes that are coated with titanium and has tapered web for increased strength.

This DeWalt set, in my opinion, is yet the best offer from the brand that can be used in almost all drilling needs. It can drill on masonry and non-ferrous metals as well as plastic. Who makes the best drill bits? You wouldn’t expect it to be DeWalt for less than $25. The brand has it for you, all stored in its iconic yellow case for utmost convenience.

2. Bosch MS4091 Drill and Drive 91-Piece Bit Set

Nothing’s better than having all your needed bits in just one package. The Bosch MS4091 Drill and Drive 91-Piece Bit Set is one that you shouldn’t miss. It’s a massive collection of Bosch’s prime drilling equipment ranging from rotary masonry type, insert bits, countersink, brad point, and titanium-coated bits. Aside from these, the whole set comes with nut setters, pick-up tools, bit holder, and a ratcheting screwdriver. What else can you wish for?

All of these pieces are neatly contained in Bosch’s job site-quality case. This set is a drilling solution for anyone who does DIY projects, commercial service, and other drilling needs. You can purchase such convenience for less than 40 bucks! So who makes the best drill bits? Enough has been said for you to know the answer.

who makes the best drill bits

3. Makita T-01725 70-Piece Contractor Grade Bit Set

These days, it’s hard to find high-quality bits in low prices, more so if you’re looking for one that’s in contractor-grade. But what if I tell you that there’s a set for such quality for as low as $40? Don’t miss the Makita T-01725 70-Piece Contractor Grade Bit Set. This set is complete with black oxide bits that are compatible with impact drivers and drill drivers. Since it has the unique coat, this is corrosion-resistant and can be used for outdoor purposes.

Each bit has the patented UltraLok 1/4” hex shanks that allow easy bit changing and zero spinout. Aside from the bits, the set comes with a highly magnetic bit holder so you won’t lose any piece if you’re working on site. This is so far the best find from the Makita brand that even non-pro users will find useful.

4. Neiko 10194A Titanium HSS Step Drill Bit

Metal drilling isn’t a simple task. Use the wrong equipment and you’ll end up with either a broken bit or a cracked up material. So who makes the best drill bits? This is where the Neiko 10194A Titanium HSS Step Drill Bit Set comes handy. It’s a single piece bit that will give you a total of 10 different bit sizes on its steps. The sizes range from 1/4” to 1-3/8” to cover most drilling sizes you’ll need.

The Neiko bit has a three-flat shank to fit most drill press without the slippage. It’s paired with a dual-flute design to easily remove the debris from the material.

This has the high-speed steel build and coated with titanium for the best possible strength. Though not as tough as cobalt, this is worth the try as it’s tried and tested by hundreds of users.

5. Hitachi 799962 120-Piece Drive and Drill Set

If you can’t predict what material you’re going to drill in the future, a set of mixed bits would make your toolkit a powerful arsenal. The Hitachi 799962 120-Piece Drive and Drill Set is, so far, the best and biggest set I have seen. It has the combination of bits suitable for wood, masonry, metal, and plastic. There are also drive bits to help you install utility wirings and other construction plugins.

The drill bits, on the other hand, are made of black oxide steel and ranges from 1 mm to 7 mm. There are also spade bits, bit holder, and nut drivers included. Each of these pieces underwent the DuraCore treatment to ensure super strength.

You know what’s surprising? This whole set is affordable at more or less $35!

6. Irwin Tools 316015 15-Piece Cobalt Drill Bit Set

Cobalt bits are the strongest type you can have as the cobalt alloy from where those are made has a longer life and can be resharpened for extended use. If you’re thinking about who makes the best drill bits, you should consider the Irwin Tools 316015 15-Piece Cobalt Drill Bit Set. This consists of 15 pieces that range from 1/16” to 3/8” and stored in a latched case similar to that of DeWalt. Some of the sizes like 1/16” and 3/32”come in two pieces so you’ll have a spare in case you wear out the first one.

This is already a solid set and affordable considering that it’s made with the toughest material used for drill bits. The fact that you can resharpen the bits makes it a long-lasting investment.

who makes the best drill bits

Comparing The Brands

DeWalt, Bosch, Neiko Makita, Hitachi, and Irwin Tools are the brands that produce the best bits. It’s undeniable that DeWalt has an unbeatable level of superiority to it that can be close to what Bosch can offer. Makita is also a good choice, although some of its products haven’t reached the quality an average user would appreciate.

Still, you shouldn’t underestimate the two lesser-known brands like Neiko and Irwin Tools. They have a wide selection of bits at such low prices that anyone can afford. Some of it can even compete with DeWalt.

So of all the five brands, who makes the best drill bits? I can say that these five are worthy of the recognition. The pieces I listed here serve as evidence to their ability to provide users with bits that don’t just fit on their equipment but also withstand heavy loads and the toughest materials.

No matter how sturdy these pieces can be, it’s important to note that all of it has limitations. There are pieces dedicated for a specific material, say metal, and wouldn’t work well on harder surfaces like masonry. Aside from getting the best bits, you should also make sure that you’re using it properly. Otherwise, you might be tagging a piece a dud one unfairly.

The Takeaway

The answer to who makes the best drill bits depends on the one that you actually need. Quality is a default characteristic, and if paired with a reasonable price, it would be the greatest bang for your bucks. What I listed here are just some that I personally tested on my projects and which I think had stood out among the countless bits I had in the past.

All of these are very affordable and offers a wide variety of pieces that can cover almost every drilling task you can think of. Say no more to snapping bits or those that wreak havoc to the smooth surface of your material. You deserve more with this options I gave you. Do you know more best bits? Have you used any of these? Ping us in the comment section!

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Who Makes The Best Drill Bits? Here’s The Long-Awaited Answer

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